// Everyday is a learning day.//

Hello, everyone!  Thanks for following our company’s little blog on small space solutions.  The past weeks, we have received some new followers, not just in the Philippines but globally.  Thank you for joining our small community and looking forwarding to welcoming more.😊

Today, I would like to share some bits and pieces of the learnings I’ve embraced the past week and hope that you’ll get something from it.  I have officially joined Pinterest - an online pin board.  I’ve heard so much about it since last year but have not been able to jump in.  Now, I did and I’m loving the ideas I getting! Here’s what I’ve gathered so far.


I specifically love these small space ideas from various sources.  Thinking out of the box - a bathroom can be an extra room to work on!


Join me in my personal space at Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/klobregat/ and get small space solutions and ideas everyday 😊

I love talking to our clients and helping them find solutions for their small homes.  Today, I’ve put together some shelving ideas for two (2) of our clients. Both of them are living in a small condos, roughly around 40sqm.  One is in DMCI Cedar Crest and the other one is in Greenbelt Residences.  From their available spaces and primary storage/shelving needs, here are the 3D drawings of their shelving units using our FLEXI SHELF System.


This is what I’ve put together for a client who needs a simple work area that can serve as TV “console” at the same time.  She wants the TV in a high position but is not too keen on hanging it on the wall.   


This is the shelving unit I suggested to another client that will be placed in their dining area.  This will serve as the primary storage for their condo’s living/dining area. 

Indeed, each day is a learning day for us.  We meet new clients who have space concerns and we try to help them in whatever way we can.  We find sources of ideas and inspirations and we share them as well!

xo - Katz of 5Corners

// It’s Time to Make a Change.//

It’s Holy Week and everyone is on the road - traveling out of Manila and off to the provinces and the beach (by far the best way to welcome summer!).  I am, however, staying put and am catching up on my blogging.  Wohoo! 😄

Today, I would like to share to our tumblr followers the happy news that 5Corners’ SOMNI Bed was on the cover of Real Living’s March 2012 issue.  Sharing the news was a bit overdue but, hey, it’s never too late!  So, here it is!!


Isn’t it pretty?  I say, simply gorgeous!  Please allow me to share a bit of history about this bed.  Way back when I had my first “apartment,” I used to love the color “wengue” and I think, just like many of you, I love “wengue” because it creates a sense of “zen,” minimalism and serenity to a space.  But after so many years of doing “wengue” all the way, I fell out of love and got tired of it.  I thought it’s time to make a change.  I chose this new color - light oak - because the color is light to the eyes and has a feel of freshness and naturalness.  As it turned out, this color is not just easy to the eyes, it is also versatile and complements well with different color palettes and looks.  Check out how the creative people of Real Living transformed our SOMNI bed….




         The natural pallete also works with the playful colors of Scandinavian design.


          …or the classic elegance of an English home.

One Bed, three ideas, three destinations.  I hope that by sharing this, I was able to inspire you to create something unique for your space.  Again, thanks to the creative people of Real Living for the feature and for showing us what we can do with one bed.

Till next time.  Have a great Holy Week!

Xoxo, Katz of 5Corners

// Spotlight On: Small Space Solutions//

Finding that next furniture piece, that next big idea and solution to save space to help us live well and comfortably is the heart and inspiration behind 5Corners.

Today, we’d like to share our Top Picks on Small Space Solutions.


From console table that unfolds to dining or work table, slim fit shelving that is highly versatile & customizable to your space, to ingenious organization solutions for your wardrobe…..

For more on Big Ideas for Small Spaces, visit 5Corners stores. 5Corners has branches in WhitePlains, Quezon City and Pioneer, Mandaluyong.  For online and provincial orders, email 5corners.home@gmail.com.  Discover more at www.5cornershome.com.

Happy Long Weekend!!!

// Space Saving Decorating Ideas from HGTV//

Firstly, please allow us to share with you an exciting news.  Our new products have arrived! =) We have a new line of bed with storage, chest of drawers and modular wardrobe as well as new selection of extendable tables which are now slowly being transported to 5Corners stores.  We are really excited about this! For new home owners out there who are thrilled to move in and furnish, you might want to check what we’ve got in store for you.

Secondly, while enjoying your weekend, I would like to share with you another entry from HGTV on Space Saving Solutions and Ideas that you might find useful and inspiring.  (I love HGTV and am personally amazed with David Bromstad of Color Splash for his one-of-a-kind design pieces and custom arts). Check these out http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/inspiring-small-spaces/pictures/index.html.  

All ideas here - from using your entire wall to double duty rooms - are so easy to do and implement in our own homes!

   *I personally love this floor to ceiling wall shelving.  It’s a wall art of multiple colors in itself.  Big on creativity and lots of personality!

  *Another great idea.  This can also work in a studio apartment/condo.

  *Another simple execution of double duty room.  We made this FLEXI SHELF System configuration for one of our clients.

Aren’t these pretty and inspiring?!  

PS.  I love creative ideas.  If you’ve got one of your own, whether from a clip or something you did for your own home, please feel free to share. We welcome it, so, keep it coming! Great weekend, everyone!

5Corners' Catalog of Creative Ideas for Small Spaces. A great source of inspirations to make a home beautiful and truly yours, no matter how small it is.