// Bookmarked! A Multitasking Room//

Check out this space-saving idea from Get Organized magazine.  Simple solution: Make a common space like a living area a multitasking room.  

When you define what you want out of your space - like this living room - it can serve so many purposes, in this case, a work-crafts-receiving-nesting-reading area in one. Feel free to adapt to your own space and needs.  Clever idea for a small space!

Next, you’ll see a cozy nesting-living area, well organized through shelving (mix closed and open shelving for more flexibility) and multipurpose bins or boxes.  

For your shelving needs, check out Corners FLEXI SHELF System.  This is a modular shelving solution highly versatile and customizable to fit your space, purpose and budget.  See what this inspiring shelving solution can do for you at http://www.5cornershome.com/

Stay tuned for more tips & tricks to save space at home.  Got ideas? Share them!  We’d love to hear from you.